Friday, September 2, 2011

"Charity Wounds"

Sean Gonsalves' 2005 classic, "Alms-Giving or 'Charity Wounds'?," which never really got the traffic it deserved, is posted today for your weekend reading pleasure.

More on author Sean Gonsalves here

"Whenever I write about biblical economic ethics, some offended conservative Christian writes to chastise me for my alleged ignorance of all the great charity work that Christians do, as if I haven't been steeped in a fundamentalist church tradition my entire life."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tail-Gating with the Homeless at MLK and Third

It looks like MLK and Third has been double-booked for this Saturday morning.

At 9am, Utica's Trinity Lutheran's Social Outreach Ministry will be trying to stuff more food into the stomachs that Plymouth's PBJ Outreach, Inc will have already fed at 8am. 

The other groups who show up every Saturday are not yet broadcasting their goodness online.

There is more action on the way, though.

Tri-County Outreach is also a Saturday regular, but they are taking the month off and will not return until October, but will be making a scene on Saturdays at 2pm.

Not sure when this Sunday lady is coming back.  She promises to come back at least two times before year end.

Charities and wannabes:  Please stop making it so difficult for our homeless service agencies to get people the help they need.   And bring garbage bags and take your garbage home with you.  And show our homeless a little more respect than smushed sammiches.  Or if you can't do any of that, please just stay the hell home and send COTS a check.  Nearly $0.90 of every dollar they raise helps house homeless Detroiters every year.

... Teach a Man To Fish. ...