Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Buckets of Cash

City of Detroit accumulated deficit:  $194,900,000.00

Detroit Public Schools deficit:   $327,000,000.00

The tax revenue generated from cramming 50,000 people into 5 acres?

Money raised for charities by this year's event or 2009's event:  ?

I thought for sure the good people who opened their hearts and emptied their wallets and pantries would have learned by now how much money was raised, how many food donations were collected.  I thought for sure Forgotten Harvest could have tallied up by now how many pounds of food they got -- after throwing out the expired or damaged ones, if any -- and given us a ballpark dollar amount on the donations.  I thought for sure the event organizers would be let event-attenders know by now how much cash was collected in those plastic buckets for the ten charities who were to "directly" benefit from the event. 

Maybe my Googler ain't working today, but it's still coming up with no results for "money raised by Kem concert." 

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