Sunday, August 28, 2011

Soft Money In Detroit

Yesterday, Detroit Rescue Mission's low Charity Navigator score was noted

This event needed a fiduciary through which they could raise money for charities.  People were encouraged to give money by PayPal through the month-old Mack and Third Foundation's website.  People who were able were also asked to bring money in lieu of canned goods to gain entry into KemFest today.

The Kem team of volunteers went around getting people to throw money in buckets:

But like soft-money campaign donations, soft-money charity donations collected by a for-profit through one of Detroit's lowest-rated charities are hard to keep track of.  Who knows how much money went into those buckets and how much money eventually made it to the Detroit Rescue Mission for distribution to the other beneficiary charities who participated today.

Since the DRMM doesn't use external auditors we have no way of knowing how much the last Kem concert brought in, in hard-money or soft-money, and may never know how much money was collected in the plastic buckets and brought back to concert headquarters all throughout the evening. 

We'll have to wait for when the open, responsible charities who do benefit from this event release their revenue statements at year end.

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