Sunday, August 28, 2011

People Finally Asking Questions, But Not in Detroit

Like Mack and Third, the Burning Man organizers are in the process of switching to non-profit status, but unlike Mack and Third, people are actually concerned about the money that Burning Man raises:

"How much money has the [Burning Man] festival made over the years? Its organizers don’t disclose revenue figures on a year-by-year basis. Burners know little about the finances behind the event they work so hard to create, and that bothers some of them."
In Detroit we don't care what happens to the money.  We just like believing we've made a difference and don't dare ask where the pocket change thrown in the buckets at the Kem concert ended up, how much was raised, or if it just disappeared.  Since the Kem concert's non-profit partner, Detroit Rescue Mission, doesn't make its audits accessible (at least on their website), we might never know.

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