Sunday, August 28, 2011

Volunteers Give Seniors a Hard Time

A woman, Barb, stopped by and asked if she could just sit on the porch.  She needed to take her 4:00 pill and had to be sitting for it to kick in.  I asked her to take a load off.  She told me that she had asked some volunteers if she could use one of their chairs for a few minutes and they told her they were for volunteers only and sat down on them.  As she walked away, they stood back up.

Several concert-goers expressed anger that there weren't enough bathrooms for the estimated 40,000 people here today, and some seniors were annoyed that there were no chairs set up for the over-50 crowd.  Maybe "Prince" had the same complaint when he was interviewed?

I guess letting seniors who needed to take a load off just wasn't their flavor of charity, even with those stacks and stacks of unused chairs:

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