Monday, August 29, 2011

Charities in Detroit That Know How to Stretch a Dollar

We mentioned Mariner's Inn, a Detroit non-profit that offers substance abuse treatment to adult men in Southeast Michigan as well as short-term and long-term housing (getting guys off benches and into beds and eventually into their own homes).

This afternoon I'll mention another Detroit non-profit with an excellent track record, Alternatives For Girls which provides shelter to at-risk and homeless young women age 15-20.  This charity has been looking out for young women in the city since 1987. 

"AFG Street Outreach serves as a lifeline to many young and adult women seeking to remove themselves from situations and activities that threaten their well-being, their futures, their lives. Staff and volunteers encounter girls and women on the streets, in all seasons, during daylight and after dark, providing harm-reduction kits, a ride to AFG and other safe places, referrals, and direct services — links to life-saving and support services."
If you cannot afford to give a donation to Alternatives For Girls because you put your last $5 in the bucket at the Kem Fest yesterday, see if there's anything on their wish list you might have lying around -- like extra 5-subject notebooks or school supplies so the girls can succeed in their studies -- or scrapbooking supplies.

If you cannot donate in-kind, they are also always looking for adults who can mentor or tutor. 

Whatever you do, please don't donate them cans of food that have been sitting in your pantry for five years.

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