Saturday, August 27, 2011

Latest on Kwame Kenyatta

Thank heavens for the Michigan Citizen and reporter Diane Bukowski.  She dug up some dirt on everyone's favorite councilman, Kwame Kenyatta, out of whose committee came the permit allowing Kem's advance crew to tidy up Cass Park this morning:

“Kwame Kenyatta brought me the check from the Wisdom PAC, saying it was his PAC ...”

So I thought I'd go check out what is allegedly the councilman's PAC at the state election website.  The latest records at the elections bureau showed unpaid PAC fees of $2,500, so the elections bureau refused Wisdom PACs request to dissolve itself two years ago.  But somehow, as Ms. Bukowski reported, the PAC is still able to funnel money, more money than is owed to the state elections bureau, even though it is not in good standing with the state, unless they've paid up before I posted this. 

How could this even be possible, you might ask?  Welcome to Detroit.
Current city council member Kwame Kenyatta also channeled money from his Wisdom PAC, largely funded by Sun Valley Foods, to several board members.

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