Saturday, August 27, 2011

Charity Navigator Highlights MLive Story, Rates Charity Poorly

Detroit Rescue Mission, whom a neighbor heard is the fiduciary (read: "charity") through which the for-profit Kem entities are raising money in Cass Park tomorrow, has an embarrassingly low Charity Navigator rating of 42.21, with 11% going to administration and 12% going to "fundraising efforts" like this weekend's concert; well-run charities are able to keep admin at 5% or lower and get higher scores from Charity Navigator.

Charity Navigator also notes that the charity does not use outside accountants to audit their financials, and their website has no Form 990s or Audited Financials statements on it, so we may never know how much money the Kem concert brought in for DRMM and the other ten or so charities supposedly benefiting from this weekend's fundraiser.  There is nothing on the interwebs about how much the concert brought in last time.  You'd think this was something they'd want to brag about, no, unless a disappointing amount of money actually made it to the charities for whom they claimed to raise money.

But the good news is that Charity Navigator's charity news feed automatically updates, and the article discussing neighborhood concerns about the event is at the top of their news feed, and is also near the top of the list on Google searches.

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