Monday, August 29, 2011

Life and Limb

During the takedown of the stage, which took place from midnight to 4:00 am, the worst damage yet was done to one of the trees in the park.  Maybe if the take-down crew had waited to take down the stage when the sun was shining today -- instead of keeping me up all night with their clanging and banging -- further destruction from this event would not have been inflicted on the park's trees :

But does Detroit, like world-class cities across the country, have ordinances on the book protecting city trees from being damaged?  If so, I hope they go after the event's volunteer coordinators and the Lowe's volunteers who helped get rid of the evidence.  If not, then it's just look-the-other-way, business-as-usual at city hall.

Where is the outcry from the city's union foresters or The Greening Of Detroit?

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