Saturday, August 27, 2011

But, Really: What is a Day?

Kemistry Records and Project Producers, LLC, were granted a permit to shut down streets around Cass Park this Sunday, August 28, but that didn't stop them from starting the closures a day early.  I guess somewhere between the lines of the council petition was some just-add-lemon-juice invisible ink extending the definition of "August 28" to include most of August 27, but I haven't yet found that part:

Kenyatta, reso. autho. Petition of Kemistry Records (#1055), requesting to host a walkathon and concert performance, "Mack and Third", at Cass Park on August 28, 2011; with temporary street closure of Temple Street between Cass and Third; Ledyard between Third and Cass; and Second between Temple and Ledyard.

Nothing there allowing street closures on Saturday, eh?

The event organizers went with a Detroit-based Warren, Michigan-based company for the tents.  Organizers have already closed off southbound Second Boulevard from Temple and have blocked eastbound Ledyard traffic with a hundred-foot-long canopy.  I'm just wondering who will have the pleasure of sitting in that shaded area come Sunday.

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