Saturday, August 27, 2011

Detroit's Public Lighting Department Has No Money to Fix Lights

At how many neighborhood and community meetings have residents been told that there just isn't any money to fix street lights to make our streets safe?  Too many times to count.  Too many times being told that the parts are out of stock but will be in in a few weeks, only to wait two months and still not have street lights.  Too many times told to call 311 and get a tracking number.

Well, somehow the PLD found money to fix the lights in Cass Park in time for this weekend's event.  Two PLD trucks were here fixing lights yesterday and returned with more parts to fix some more during this morning's cleanup.

Somehow there's no money when residents are repeatedly asking for streetlights in neighborhoods to be fixed, but somehow there's money when the Lathrup Village singer has to get his show on the road.

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