Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"... You Let No Stranger Wait Outside Your Door ..."

San Francisco Examiner editorial calls out some candidates for mayor for not having any plans to deal with homelessness in the city.  Editorial notes that among their homeless population there are 20 homeless people who have cost the city "$2.3 million in repeated ambulance and emergency care as well as detox and psychiatric services."
The candidate on the list who stood out -- I know nothing else about him, but I like how he thinks:
Tony Hall advocates replacing what he calls “nonprofit homeless industry providers” that are “scamming the system” with “organizations whose business is charity, not welfare.”

Tell it like it is, Tony!   Welfare, not charity!  Not the other way around!

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:
And keep checking back here where we will continue document charities-gone-wild and other activities that lure homeless people away from the resources they so desperately need.  We will continue to keep you updated on affairs in Cass Park and Midtown, goings-on at CAYMC, and things you can do to give people facing hard times a hand up instead of a handout.
Wonder if Detroit has ever even tallied how much we have spent on medical, psych, and detox bills for our chronically homeless, money that could have been saved if the homeless in Midtown could have made it to the charities that best serve them instead of getting sidetracked by sideshows in Cass Park.  Call your councilmembers and mayor to find out how much it's costing our city.  Just don't bother calling Kwame Kenyatta's office -- he must have had a helluva week after Diane Bukowski's article came out.

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