Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Thought That I Should Never See

" ... A tree that looks at God all day / And lifts her leafy arms to pray ... ." 
-- attributed to Joyce Kilmer

One has to wonder where the God-fearing Christians who normally take over the park were today.  Well, since they weren't there to help me find God in the details, I took a stroll to find God in the details myself.  For anyone who was wondering if the "union (?) foresters" who were trimming trees actually checked out a how-to video before the hackjob, what you'll see below are some of the un-Band-Aid-ed scars they left.  For what it's worth, quite a few of the scars were on the streetside sides of the tree and would not even block the views of the projected 15,000 people who are expected to be crammed into this not-larger-than-a city block tomorrow afternoon.

Most everyone ignores the stop sign at corner of SB Second Boulevard at Ledyard, anyway.

If the event organizers were truly concerned about charity involvement as they claimed, perhaps they should have given the trained trimmers at The Greening of Detroit a call to help them with their deblighting, or the city could have rounded up certified conservation stewards from the Friends Of Belle Isle to help with the removal of the invasive, community-planted garden in the park.

But why waste time calling in Detroit eco-charities when you can just grab some guys and give them trimmer thingies.

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